• New Music: Time Will Tell

    What begins as lonely and tragic, ends hopeful and beautiful. This track incorporates piano, strings, futuristic drone sounds, plucked instruments, live female vocals.

    Time Will Tell composed, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered by Chris Mondragon @ WhereGhostsSleep.

    Guest Vocals: Nikki Roach | Photography: Matthew Daemon

  • Going Spell – Labile EP Preview

    Latest project: Electronic music collaboration (GoingSpell) featuring Jessica Dye and Chris Mondragon will be releasing our debut EP (Labile) soon. Here is a preview of what to expect.

  • New Music: Wrong Place Wrong Time

    Written and composed for a scene involving a home invasion. This track incorporates dark elements with lots of dark textures, piano, large bass hits, orchestra strings, and some effects to help convey the mood.

    Photography: Matthew Daemon (