Latest Project – Doll Blade

Introducing Denver Colorado’s newest electronic Duo, Doll Blade! Our first official release and single ‘Shot In The Dark’ is Doll Blade’s first collaboration starring the vocal and lyrical talents of Nikki Roach & the electronic musical architecture of Chris Mondragon. Enjoy and Share if you like what you hear! ‘Like’ us on Facebook if you’d like to stay up to date on Doll Blade news and new music. More music coming soon!

Vocals/Lyrics: Nikki Roach

Programming, Production, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering: Chris Mondragon

Doll Blade is a WhereGhostsSleep production.

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New Music: Time Will Tell

What begins as lonely and tragic, ends hopeful and beautiful. This track incorporates piano, strings, futuristic drone sounds, plucked instruments, live female vocals.

Time Will Tell composed, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered by Chris Mondragon @ WhereGhostsSleep.

Guest Vocals: Nikki Roach | Photography: Matthew Daemon

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R.I.P Score Completed

Where Ghosts Sleep has been working in secret over the past few months producing the score for CrossWay Entertainment‘s upcoming film, R.I.P. As of today, the score is complete and has been submitted! We were very pleased to have been selected to work with Darren Council and his talented crew as it was our first collaboration together. Updates will be provided as R.I.P. draws closer to release. Stay tuned!

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Slasher Fest ‘85

Where Ghosts Sleep Horror Film Music Project Slasher Fest 85


Where Ghosts Sleep is proud to be working on a new horror independent film, Slasher Fest ‘85 by Jonathan Aubrey Mince.

SLASHER FEST ‘85 is set in the fictional world of Carpenter County.  A back woods little town whose way of life is about to get rocked by the arrival of the1st Annual Slasher Fest Horror Convention.

Scream Queen legend, Jamie Saxon, has had a bit of a troubled past.  The survivor of an obsessed fan from two years prior has ultimately decided to move forward with her career.  Aided by her boyfriend, Chase O’Bannon, the duo attends Slasher Fest with hopes of a fresh start.

Unbeknownst to the couple, Maynard, the quintessential bogeyman, has stalked them to the event, leaving a trail of blood and guts in his wake.

Unfortunately, Maynard is not the only entity they will have to contend with.  The Wretched, an evil supernatural force has also arrived on the scene, and literally bringing with them Hell on Earth.

Through the course of one infernal night, Jamie and her fellow survivors must band together in order to thwart off the terrifying invaders before they become causalities of life imitating art.

Visit the KickStarter page  and view the Facebook Page for Slasher Fest ‘85 to help make this project a reality!

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