About WGS

Chris Mondragon is a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer, mixer, remixer, composer, arranger, and programmer for Where Ghosts Sleep.

Where Ghosts Sleep was born out of a simple need to create music, landscapes, and atmospheres that is as much emotional as it is engaging. The music produced by Where Ghosts Sleep is designed to break through musical barriers; void of ego, genres, and titles.

With goals to eventually incorporate collaboration and reach beyond the typical barriers of genre, Where Ghosts Sleep is dedicated to create music for all different walks of life which will eventually find its way into all different mediums of playback (film scoring, video games, advertisement, commercials, podcasts, etc).

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“Now with this new age of wireless music and portable video playback, musicians have very few limitations not only in reaching their fans, but also providing a full sensory experience unlike anything we can imagine. All musicians can finally begin creating an experience for their listeners and fans that reaches beyond the headphones and extends to visual representations to pull people into the emotion of the music more than ever – and I am extremely excited to be a part of this new advancement in music.”